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My name is Kelley Marvin, I am a Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Drug-less Practitioner, Natural Health Professional, and Corporate Wellness consultant.

I believe healthy eating has become way too complicated and time-consuming! That’s why I have dedicated my life to the ART and SCIENCE of Clean Eating. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to eat healthfully. I thought healthy meant massive food restrictions, bland and boring food.

OH how wrong I was!

I’d like to show you what I have learned! One conversation could be the beginning of a healthier (and longer) life! I also want to reward you for taking that first step with one of my favorite Clean Eating Guides.

My Approach

I implement simple, practices that influence physical conditions and overall well-being. I specialize in using “Food as Medicine” to address healthy weight loss, stress reduction, and hormonal balance.

My Process

My coaching program draws on my knowledge and experience in creating a personal “roadmap” to health designed specifically for the unique body, lifestyle, and goals of my clientele.

My Education

I received my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals and the America Association of Drugless Practitioners.

My Services

My programs and services are designed to inspire in a variety of settings. We are all unique and your path towards wellness will be too. Maybe you have a team that can benefit from education and practical application. You maybe like to participate in groups and have the enitre wellness plan laid out. Or you may you’d like to learn more about natural solutions for yourself and your family. Let’s make it happen!

Corporate Wellness

Learn how nutrition can reduce stress and increase productivity at the corporate level.


You customized wellness plan may include nutritional testing, meal plans and accountability support.


Participate in group classes online and also in person. From 2 days to 12 Weeks, there is a program ready to meet you where you’re at.

Essential Oils

Discover nature’s solutions for a healthy environment and emotional support with quality botanicals.

Unsure where to start?
Getting Started is Easy. Schedule a Free 15-minute strategy call.

Schedule your free 15-minute complimentary call so I can guide your in the right path to a healthier you!


"Kelley, your four day clean eating challenge was the best! It was easy and non-intimidating. And because it was just four days, I was really motivated to do it. What I didn’t expect was the lasting habits made from eating four days of very easily digestible food. My palette was happy, I didn’t feel deprived and I felt good after each meal. Full, but not “sorry I ate that!” What a great, concise plan to kickstart a healthier way to fuel the body. Everyone should do this!!!

From my heart,"


"Kelley has been wonderful to work with. Easterseals Arc started a Nutrition project with Kelley at the beginning of 2018 and Kelley has not disappointed. She is engaging and meets individuals where they are in terms of their nutritional needs. Our individuals and employees have loved her cooking classes and have learned a lot."

Danielle Tips, MBA
Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana

“I got on the scale this morning and I lost 6 lbs this past week on your program! This is not my norm. Maybe I’ll just keep eating the same things...But seriously! Kelley, you need a weekly program because this was amazing and I’ hooked. I feel great and I didn’t even have coffee today, or all week!”

Pamela Wilke
Fort Wayne, IN

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Online coaching courses available!

I offer several online courses which will help you get on a path towards a healthy lifestyle. Full of invaluable information, videos and virtual coaching consultations. Its time to put your health first and start feeling like the beautiful person you are!

5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

14-Day Grain Free Program

6-Week Metabolic Reset

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What qualifications and experience do you have and how can you help me?
My professional credentials consist of (and are always growing)
Institute of Integrative Nutrition: Holistic Health Coach 2014
Drugless Practitioner, AADP, 2015
Natural Health Professional, Trinity School of Health, 2015
But more than any academic qualifications I feel personally compelled to teach natural health and wellness because I have lived the before, the after and the rebound. I have struggled from a place of debilitating, compromised health to a place of elevated wellness and energy. I teach it because I live it.
How much do your services cost (include what you’ll receive)
There are no obligations to start! You can always find free resources, community and inspiration with INK. The next step maybe a free intro consultation or a brief corporate introduction. As our relationship grows you will want to enroll in the following: a personal crafted wellness session ($90), an online program (from $24 to $120) to a focused 12 Week Metabolic Reset, in person, group program at ($850)
What diet do you follow?
I don’t really adhere to any one diet. We are all individuals with unique needs and lifestyles. I’ve worked with people who are Paleo and others who are Vegan. I do promote clean, nutrient dense foods and I keep it delicious and simple. We will always lean towards whole, natural foods that support our goals.
How can we work together
Our wellness journeys are unique and personal. I strive to offer flexibility with structure. Let’s talk about your goals, your style of learning and routine. Together we can cocreate a plan that elevates you to a greater state of wellness. Meeting once a week with a customized plan my be the push you need, or maybe a cooking class that lights a spark of creativity in your kitchen. Perhaps you are leading a team and recognize the value nutrition can play! I’m here to help.
Where do I start?
I’d love to have a conversation with you! No obligation, just a connection. I can send you some info on evaluating where you and some options for your next step.
Why do I need a coach or a program?
Specific steps
We can’t all be an expert at everything
Track your progress

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