Almonds are a great way to add more protein to your diet, they also contain fiber and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. But don’t over eat them because they are high in calories! When I make mixed nuts I have to portion them – or they will all disappear!
It’s a great idea to soak your almonds if you have time. You can do this form 15 minutes up to 12 hours. After 12 hours you can remove the skin and actually see them begin to sprout! This shows me that they contain live energy!

After soaking them you will see that the water gets a little dark. This is because the skin of almonds contains enzyme inhibitors that protect the almond until the proper levels of sunlight and water allow it to germinate. This inhibitor or phytic acid can prevent you from fully digesting the nutrients properly.

I like the texture, but you can put them in the oven for a short time to crisp them back up.

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