Household Items That Can Benefit Your Health

It’s crazy to think that simple things like cooking with a cast iron skillet and drinking water out of a copper mug could benefit our health, but they absolutely do!! Here are 3 ways to use household items to improve your health: 


1. Copper Mugs

Drinking out of a copper mug is a simple lifestyle change that can make a difference in your health! Copper can kill bacteria, making your water safer to drink. It has been used for generations to store water and keep it fresh.


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Copper has many health benefits and by drinking out of a copper cup less than 4 times a week you can improve your health. It can stimulate your brain, soothe your joints, balance the thyroid, support your cardiovascular system, improve your skin, aid the digestive system, and much more!


2. Light Therapy Lamp

As for someone who lives in Indiana, this is a great way to improve your mood through the cold dark winters. A light therapy lamp is a great first step in dealing with seasonal affective disorder and it can be very common during this time of year.

A light therapy lamp is shown to improve serotonin activity as well as melatonin production. This actually decreases your SAD symptoms and helps improve your overall mood. Another great benefit is that it helps restore circadian rhythms. This allows you to have improved sleep throughout the night. 

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It’s beneficial to sit close to the light therapy lamp for 30 minutes a day. It’s best to try to use it as soon as you wake up in the morning. The light therapy lamp works best if you keep your eyes open, but not looking directly into the light. This is a great time to read the newspaper, catch up on some reading or even getting some work done.


3. Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet has many benefits and is something I use in my home frequently.

One of my favorite benefits is that it adds iron to your food. Many people in the world suffer from iron deficiency, with most people not even knowing. Cooking with a cast iron skillet can increase your iron content by as much as 20 times. This is especially great for menstruating females or pregnant mothers who have an increased need for iron-rich foods!


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The cast iron skillet is also chemical-free. Most nonstick pans contain perfluorocarbons. Perfluorocarbons is a chemical that has been linked to cancer, liver damage, and much more.  A cast iron skillet is a great alternative to your basic nonstick pans!

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