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Fuel Your Team, Fuel the Community

Plant-Based Wellness Program for Businesses

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Empower Your Workforce

Welcome to our Plant-Based Wellness Program, designed to nourish your team while supporting local farmers! As a plant-based nutritionist, I'm excited to offer a 3-week meal planning package that includes weekly cooking classes for your business.

Throughout the program, your team will have access to videos and materials to help them learn about the benefits of plant-based eating, while also gaining practical skills to meal prep for the upcoming week. And the best part? Each week, they'll get to join a live cooking class with me, where we'll work together to create delicious, nutrient-packed meals.

But this program isn't just about nourishing your team - it's also about giving back to the community. A portion of the program fee will go towards supporting local farmers, helping to ensure that we all have access to fresh, healthy produce.

Investing in your team's wellness has never been more important, and with our Plant-Based Wellness Program, it's never been easier.


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Price: $4000 for 12 people.

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